If you’re inexperienced with kitchen remodels, the whole process might appear daunting. However, with careful planning it can be an enjoyable experience! Some things to keep in mind are getting building permits, going on shopping trips for materials and appliances, and answering questions that you may never have considered before. Utilizing a proper plan ahead of time makes all the difference between a stressful redesign project and a smooth one.

Choose Your Remodeling Season

Oddly enough, the time of year that you decide to remodel will affect your plans. Wondering why? Imagine being mid-remodel during the holidays. If your family likes to host relatives or bake tons of holiday sweets, it’s safe to say that’s not the best choice for you. However, if you understand that summer represents a lengthy trip, graduation, or weddings, it’s probably best to avoid remodeling work during this time. Many families choose to refurbish in the spring or summer since the heat allows for outdoor cooking and dining while your kitchen is being built.

Determine A Budget

It may not be thrilling, but in order to construct an effectual and comprehensive plan, you need to understand your budget. Recognizing how much money you have from the beginning helps keep your expectations plausible and your project progressing as planned. You don’t need determine an precise number in fact, accurately estimate can be close to unattainable. However, having a price range in mind will aid you tremendously when planning for potential emergency spending and selecting where you want to primarily spend your budget.

Evaluate Your Space

Every day, you use your cooktop. Do you know anything about your HVAC? Is it safe to eat food prepared on the stove? Are all of your electrical systems and plumbing in working order? Will they need to be replaced or relocated to meet your remodeling plans? Do you know which walls are load-bearing in this area of expertise? If this isn’t a specialty of yours, consider hiring a building inspector to assist you assess the structural elements of your home before beginning demolition work.

Plan Around Your Family’s Schedule

Consider the smaller details of your family’s schedule on this note, too. School and extracurricular activities, as well as pets’ needs, can all impact your remodeling timetable more than you may imagine. To keep things running smoothly while planning your renovation, avoid scheduling it during a time when someone in your household is preparing for a recital, studying for an important exam, or working an unusual shift. Furthermore, be sure to designate a secure place for pets and youngsters to stay throughout the work.

Educate Yourself on Building Codes and Permits

Although codes and permit processes vary from one municipality to the next, you may need a permit for different types of changes such as those that are structural, plumbing-related, mechanical or electrical. If you’re working with a contractor on these improvements, find out if he or she will be taking care of the permitting process. Keep in mind too that most local building department websites have useful information and answers to questions potential applicants might have. Last but not least, don’t forget to factor in up two weeks for any applications under review.

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