5 Examples of Beautiful Carpentry to Inspire Your Next Project

house exterior with spacious wooden deck with patio area and attached pergola. Northwest, USA

Of all the details involved in a home renovation, remodel, restoration, or construction project, it’s hard to beat the impact of beautiful carpentry work. Here at JC Smith, we’re committed to the details—we love adding personal touches and beautifully detailed carpentry to our projects as often as possible!

Love the idea of incorporating quality carpentry work into your next project, but aren’t quite sure what you want? Look no further! These are just a few of our favorite carpentry projects to help inspire your next project.

1. Recessed Panel Wainscoting

It’s hard to beat beautiful wainscoting—and we especially love the recessed panels our carpentry team included in this project!

2. Hand-Crafted Handrails

Whether or not a home is actually old enough to be considered “historic”, a hand-crafted staircase handrail is a great way to add some of that old-house charm to any space! 

3. Custom Closets

This historic homeowner requested a custom dressing room…and our carpentry team didn’t disappoint! This perfectly symmetrical closet was the perfect foundation for hand-built, shaker-style poplar doors. 

4. Cottagey Attic Details

When our client asked for our help with beautifying her already-gorgeous attic space, we couldn’t say no! From adding beams to the ceiling to constructing custom drawers/bed frames as seen in the lower right corner, carpentry work turned this attic from a cute storage space to a beautiful extra bedroom.

5. Rustic Deck

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous natural wood outdoor living area? Our carpentry team outdid themselves with this rustic cabin-style screened-in deck.

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Back yard house exterior with spacious wooden deck with patio area and attached pergola. Northwest, USA

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