It’s hard to beat the excitement of beginning construction on a new home for your family! The custom design, the beauty of knowing everything will be exactly to your taste, the process of choosing the right spot for the house … There’s so much to love!

However, there are two sides to every coin. While constructing your custom home can be a beautiful experience, it’s one that no one should enter into lightly. 

With over ten years of experience building custom homes, constructing additions onto existing residential properties, tackling historical restorations, and much more, we know how important it is for our clients to fully understand the scope of the project they’re taking on before breaking ground.

Here Are 5 Questions We Recommend Asking Yourself Before Starting Construction on Your New House

  1. 1. Is Our Budget Enough to Cover Our Goals?

Sometimes, people enter into their project with a fixed budget and practical expectations … and then they get swept up in the excitement of planning, and before long, their expenses have increased dramatically. Before you start building, ask yourself what you really want—not what you’re willing to settle for, but what will make you happy—and design your budget around your true wants and needs.

  1. 2. Do We Have the Time & Patience to See This Through?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your house won’t be either. Even if your project experiences zero hiccups (which is a rarity), constructing a sturdy, permitted, built-to-last home takes time. Be sure your family has somewhere comfortable to stay during the building process, and that your timeline expectations are realistic.

  1. 3. How Long Will We Want to Live Here?

Building a home is best for families whose lifestyle is relatively stable. We’re not saying you have to stay in your new house for the rest of your life, but with all the hard work, customization, and time you’ll be sinking into this project, it’s best to plan on staying for more than a couple years!

  1. 4. What Are Our Nice-to-Haves Vs. Must-Haves?

We all have an aspirational list of wants, but what are the non-negotiables? Figuring this out before you start planning will go a long way towards keeping your project on budget and ontime.

  1. 5. Who Will Build the House?

When you’re starting to get really serious about building, it’s best to reach out to a handful of different builders to learn about the different processes, levels of expertise, and budgets available to you. Not all builders are created equal! Look for someone honest, experienced, and dedicated to creating a home you’ll absolutely adore.

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