Home Renovations You Can Do In The Winter

Since winter is upon us and the weather is cooling down, you may be inclined to spend more time indoors settling into your comfortable home. And while it might not seem like the best time of year to start any big projects around the house, winter can actually be a great season for getting some […]

Interior Design Trends That You May Like Going Into 2023

Home designs, just like life, require change and the capability to adjust to that change. Some home design ideas are genuinely ageless (and never go out of style), while others rapidly lose their charm and originality. The year 2023, with its new trends and contemporary styles, will offer something for people searching for a house […]

5 Things to Do Before You Start Your Kitchen Remodel

If you’re inexperienced with kitchen remodels, the whole process might appear daunting. However, with careful planning it can be an enjoyable experience! Some things to keep in mind are getting building permits, going on shopping trips for materials and appliances, and answering questions that you may never have considered before. Utilizing a proper plan ahead […]

Why You Should Remodel Your Unfinished Basement

An unfinished basement can be the bane of a homeowner’s existence. While it’s technically part of your home, you probably only venture into it when it’s time to fix an appliance, adjust the heat, or check for a leak. Especially for families who wish they had a little extra square footage, an unfinished basement can […]

Things to Consider Before You Hire a General Contractor

How to Choose the Right General Contractor When you’re looking to renovate your home, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is who to hire for the job. Home renovations are hard enough as it is, but doing them on your own? That’s just asking for trouble. Unless you’re some kind of home improvement […]

How to Start Your Home Renovation Project

  The first step to any home renovation project is figuring out what needs to be done. It’s not always obvious if you don’t know what you’re looking for, so here are some common problems that homeowners should look for before starting a renovation project:  Cracks in your walls or foundation  Peeling paint  Unfinished surfaces […]

How Much Does A Home Renovation Cost?

Home renovation can be one of the most exciting—and potentially anxiety-inducing—parts of being a homeowner. On the one hand, renovating your house means you have the creative freedom to turn your home into a personalized space that you absolutely love. On the other, renovations can be a major source of emotional and financial stress. For […]

Renovation vs. Remodel: What’s the Difference?

Home renovations. Home remodels. To most people, these words seem relatively interchangeable. But when it comes to planning your project accurately, there are actually several significant differences between remodels and renovations.  If you’re planning an upcoming construction project, it’s important to get your terminology right before contacting contractors for estimates or quotes. Here are a […]

7 Kitchen Improvement Ideas to Inspire Your Next Remodel

Taking a look at your outdated kitchen and deciding, “Yep, we’re ready for an upgrade” was the easy part. But starting from scratch and figuring out exactly how you want your new kitchen to look, feel, and function? That’s a lot more pressure! If you’re in the early stages of planning for an upcoming kitchen […]

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