Why Transparency & Integrity Are More Important Now Than Ever

Right now, our communities are facing one of the most turbulent times most of us have ever lived through. In the face of the COVID pandemic, a lot of people feel anxious, stressed, frustrated, and helpless. These feelings impact every single area of our lives, from our careers, to our relationships, and yes—even our business […]

How to Renovate Your Home During COVID

You started your big renovation projects *right* before the world learned about COVID-19. Maybe you held off on continuing your work for a few weeks or months to see how everything shook out . . .  But now that it’s become clear that COVID is more of a long-term issue than we originally thought,you’re ready […]

Should You Start Commercial Renovations During the Pandemic?

As our country continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are facing a lot of uncertainty. It might feel difficult to plan for the future—especially if that future involves trying to renovate a commercial space. With guidelines around operation and capacity in flux, a lot of property owners and entrepreneurs who had renovations on […]

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