In the past, homes were built with closed interiors and private rooms. However, more modern floor plans have been trending towards a more open layout. While this change may seem minute, it has an enormous impact on how we live in our homes. Open floor plans are popular because they offer a variety of benefits over traditional designs and here we will discuss just a few of them.

Natural Lighting

Natural light is the ultimate way to make your living space feel more open, inviting and airy. Not only does this natural lighting fill any room with an amazing sense of warmth that can’t be replicated by artificial sources like lights or lamps , but it also helps keep energy costs down!

Additional Living Space

Having a larger, open-aired living space will naturally accommodate the needs to entertain more guests. Whether it be your kitchen or dining room , you’ll have enough room for everyone who comes over! Not only will the extra room make it easier to entertain but it also makes spending time with your family so much better not having to worry about kids running into everything.

Flexible Usage Options

What if you could have the best of both worlds? More space with less restrictions. A custom home has many different spaces that can be customized to your needs, but an open plan provides even more possibilities because each room doesn’t feel like just one big square footage allowance- instead they all blend together into something beautiful! You’ll love experimenting and finding ways in which furniture pieces work well next to each other and blend together to make a cohesive design.

Need Help with your Open Floor Plan In WV, VA, MD, or PA?

It’s clear that the future of home design is in open floor plans. If you are considering building a custom house with plenty of space to live, work, and play then this type of layout may be perfect for your family. With more than 10 years of experience working on homes in the quad-state area, our team has the expertise and experience to bring your home into the 21st century, without losing any of the classic charm you love. Get in touch with us HERE for more information!

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Living room and kitchen interior in new home with open concept f

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