Taking a look at your outdated kitchen and deciding, “Yep, we’re ready for an upgrade” was the easy part. But starting from scratch and figuring out exactly how you want your new kitchen to look, feel, and function? That’s a lot more pressure!

If you’re in the early stages of planning for an upcoming kitchen renovation project, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by all your choices. From design, to color, to materials, to new appliances, this is your chance to start from scratch! 

Here at JC Smith, we have over a decade of experience renovating, rehauling, and recreating kitchens. So even if this is your first rodeo… You can relax. We’ve got you covered. Here are seven of our favorite kitchen improvement ideas to help get your creative wheels turning!

7 Kitchen Renovation Ideas

1. Upgrade Your Cabinets.

Cabinetry is almost like the face of your kitchen. Beautiful cabinets can completely transform a space—and likewise, outdated, unattractive cabinets can bring the whole room down. Everyone’s tastes vary of course, but consider installing a set of cabinets with a timeless design aesthetic. Look for natural wood for a classic cozy feel, or try something bright and airy for a more modern vibe.

2. Replace Your Countertops.

Unless your home came custom-fit with beautiful natural stone counters that have been properly cared for over time, there’s a pretty good chance your countertops may have seen better days by now. High-quality counters are a big investment, but if you’re looking to really breathe new life into your kitchen, this is one upgrade you won’t want to skip. 

3. Swap Out Old Lighting Fixtures.

Compared to cabinets and countertops, lighting fixtures are a much smaller update… But they can have a big impact on the overall feel of your kitchen! Depending on whether you’re happy with your current lighting options, this could be as simple as swapping out an old globe light for something more current—or, this could be your opportunity to install new lighting fixtures altogether!

4. Infuse Personality With Appliances

Tired of feeling like your kitchen looks like every other kitchen? Choosing unique appliances can be a great way to add personality and design to your kitchen. These days, it’s possible to find almost any type of appliance you might want. From vintage stoves, to farmhouse sinks, to antique drawer pulls and faucet knobs… The sky’s the limit!

5. Get Smart About Storage

Most kitchens come with a standard variety of storage options… But depending on how your family utilizes your kitchen, you may need something a little more tailor-made. Think about what storage issues you’ve experienced in your kitchen so far, and what the ideal solution would be, if you could do anything you wanted. Adding some extra shelving or creating a custom-designed pantry can dramatically boost functionality and organization!

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