How JC Smith Could Help You Save Money on Your Next Property Improvement

When planning a home improvement, renovation, or addition, there are a lot of factors to consider. It’s important to choose a qualified professional who has the experience to handle the job, the necessary licenses, and who can work within the timeline that your family needs. However, one of the biggest factors that influences most homeowners’ contractor hiring decisions is: Budget.

It’s easy to say that pricing shouldn’t be the biggest deciding factor when trying to choose the right team for your construction job. But at the same time, we get it—everyone has a budget, and it’s natural to want to get a great value for your money.

That’s why here at JC Smith, we focus on providing the best experience possible, at a fair price. Here are just a few of the unexpected ways we may be able to help you save money on your next project.

  1. 1. Our Team Is Comprised Entirely of Licensed Professionals.

Some homeowners believe that rolling the dice with an unlicensed or uncertified contractor could be an easy way to save a buck… But the danger of unexpected expenses is exponentially higher when working with unlicensed contractors! If an uninsured worker experiences an injury or causes damage while working on your property, it could mean major problems for your bottom line (or even legal complications).

When you work with JC Smith, every single person who touches your project is licensed, certified, experienced, and vetted by us. This not only means that the risk of accidents, injuries, or damage is dramatically lower—but also that our team is insured appropriately in case of emergencies.

  1. 2. We Have the Experience to Give Better, More Accurate Estimates.

One of the biggest problems with construction projects is the potential for unforeseen delays and expenses. When working with less experienced contractors, the likelihood that they’ll miscalculate your timeline or expenses can be substantial.

When you hire JC Smith, you’re working with a team who has decades of experiences handling projects exactly like yours. This means we’ll be able to give you a far more accurate depiction of what to expect both in terms of timeline and budget. This saves you money (and headache) by empowering you to plan your budget more realistically.

  1. 3. We Own Our Own Top-Tier Equipment.

Most homeowners don’t think to ask potential contractors where their equipment comes from. However, this can be a big deal! If your contractor has to rent/transport equipment from a third party, this can mean significantly higher costs for you.

At JC Smith, we’ve invested in a heavy duty arsenal of high-quality construction tools and equipment. Not only does that mean no rental fees or transportation delays—it also means you can rest assured knowing we have the right supplies to get your job done as efficiently as possible, which can minimize the overall cost of a project.

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