How to Renovate Your Home During COVID

You started your big renovation projects *right* before the world learned about COVID-19. Maybe you held off on continuing your work for a few weeks or months to see how everything shook out . . . 

But now that it’s become clear that COVID is more of a long-term issue than we originally thought,you’re ready to start strategizing. How can you complete your reno project, while being considerate of everyone’s safety and health?

First thing’s first: Don’t panic. Many contractors, plumbers, electricians, etc. are still working during this difficult time, and the odds that you’ll be able to complete your project are pretty high.

That said, here are some recommendations for taking care of your renovations as safely as possible.

1. Do as much as you can online.

Obviously it’s not possible for someone to lay new flooring via Zoom. However, all your initial meetings and planning sessions CAN happen online! Don’t be afraid to ask contractors to opt for phone calls or video chats as you plan your project.

2. Be open about your expectations.

Communicate with your contractors. Find out what precautions they’re taking, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Many specialists already have extensive plans in place for keeping your family (and theirs!) safe while they work.

3. Talk about basic safety precautions ahead of time.

Don’t assume that you and your contractor are on the same page. Let them know ahead of time if you expect everyone to wear masks. Make it clear that sick crew members aren’t allowed to enter your home. And likewise, be prepared to extend the same respect to your contractors—wear a mask when you’re in the space with them, and let them know well in advance if anyone in your home is feeling unwell.

4. Get out of the house.

If at all possible, make arrangements to stay somewhere else while the project is being completed. While crashing with friends and family might not be in anyone’s best interest right now, hotels or AirBnBs offer a safe, clean space AND a staycation!

5. Exercise patience and compassion.

Renovations can be frustrating during the best of times. If you intend to move forward with your renovations, go into your project with an attitude of patience and grace. Understand that inconveniences might pop up, and that everyone involved in your project is likely doing their best to complete the project successfully. 

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