If you’ve spent even a few moments on our website, you’ve likely read our big news—this year marked 10 years of JC Smith! 

In the midst of all our celebrating, we’ve been asked a lot of questions: How does it feel, what’s next for our company, etc. Perhaps the most poignant of these questions, though, are the ones that have allowed us to reflect on the last ten years and all we’ve been able to accomplish—not just within our business, but within our industry and our community.

When we started this company, we had two big goals: To set a precedent of honesty and integrity within the construction industry, and to address a need we saw in our community. 

As we prepared to launch, the national housing market was crashing around us. Our country was in the early throws of recession, and property values everywhere were plummeting. 

For some, this may have seemed like the worst possible time to open a small business; for us though, it felt like a challenge that would allow us to provide value to our community during a time of struggle. 

As a result of the defunct housing market, families all around the nation experienced limited mobility. Many individuals and businesses who may have moved in or out of our community were simply unable to do so without taking on a substantial financial loss. 

However, it became clear that while most families couldn’t afford to move, they could afford—and were quite eager—to improve on their current homes and businesses. Especially considering how precarious the economy was at that moment, we felt that these families deserved to work with a construction company who valued honesty and integrity above all else—who would respect the investment they were making and provide high-quality, timely, stress-free contracting services. 

We were so honored to launch and immediately set to work helping families and businesses all around the tri-state area reimagine homes and businesses that fit their needs. And as the market has gradually risen over the last decade, we’ve been just as honored to help families and entrepreneurs in Martinsburg, WV and surrounding areas build new properties, expand, and flourish. 

Today, JC Smith continues to actively seek out opportunities to improve local property values and promote transparent business practices within the construction sector. We love our community and feel incredibly lucky to be embarking on our 11th year of business!

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